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Ease of Access

With your own personal code, you can enter your home with just a few simple pushes of a button and lock it with just one.

Keypad Entry Products

KPW250 Wireless Keypad

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  • Compatible with LiftMaster Security+ 2.0, Security+ , and Linear Multi-code receivers
  • 250 code capacity

KPW5 Wireless Keypad

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  • Compatible with Liftmaster Security+ 2.0 recievers
  • High Impact polycarbonate cover
  • 5 code capacity

LiftMaster Wireless Keypad

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  • Compatible with Liftmaster Security+ recievers
  • Powered by 9 volt battery

Digicode Wireless Keypad

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  • 9 volt battery
  • Compatible with Multicode and Digitalcode recievers
  • Holds 14 codes

Linear Ak-11 Exterior Digital Keypad

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  • Rugged Cast Alumionum enclosure
  • Up to 480 programmable codes
  • Door sense input, inhibit input, Request to exit input, Alarm shot output, Timed anti passback
  • Keylock Cabinet
  • 12 / 24 V AC DC

RE-2N Residential Telephone Entry System

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    Designed for use as a primary access control device for a single residence, nickel finish, surface, gooseneck or flush mount, 100 entry codes, 100 transmitters, 450 item event/transaction log, integral radio receiver, modem, optional color camera.


  • Downlighting
  • Voice Prompts, User Friendly, Owner Friendly
  • Two Programmable Outputs Control Two Openings
  • Obstacle Reverse, Alarm Shunt
  • Provisions for Knox Box
  • Simple to Program and Maintain through On Board Keypad, Touchtone Telephone, or Computer with Modem
  • 450 Event Memory Log
  • Supports 100 Entry Codes
  • Supports 100 Block-Coded Transmitters
  • Applications Include Single Residence, commercial Sites, Employee Parking
  • Built-in superheterodyne radio receiver
  • MegaCode format
  • Backup battery ready.
  • Optional Color CCTV Camera Kit

AE-500 Commercial Telephone Entry Sysytem

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    Telephone entry system designed for use as a primary access control device for facilities with up to 250 residents or users, surface, recessed, or gooseneck mount, 2 x 16 LCD display, integral radio receiver, modem.

    Features include:

  • Stainless steel front panel
  • Telephone style keypad with surround lighting
  • Up to 250 user capacity
  • Accepts up to 500 entry codes
  • Built-in RF receiver
  • Up to 500 block coded or 500 individually enrolled transmitters
  • Two-line-16-character LCD display
  • Many installation choices: surface, recessed, gooseneck
  • Built-in modem for remote programming
  • Multiple programming methods: from keypad, from touchtone telephone, from web browser
  • Two configureable output relays
  • Applications include apartment buildings, condominiums, dorms, hospitals.

1802 EPD Telephone Entry System

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  • Includes Built-in Directory
  • Service for up to 1000 residents
  • Programmable directory codes can be set from 1 to 4 digits
  • Resident can grant/deny access via their touchtone phone

1812 Plus Telephone Entry System

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  • System allows homeowners to use telephone as intercom to speak to guest at door or gate
  • System connects directly to existing telephone line; no additional expenses for separate line

1835 Commercial Phone Entry System

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  • Provides both resident and visitor access control into and within areas
  • PC programmable; Software included
  • Voice and data (programming) connection over either Cellular, VoIP, Wireless, or copper POTS lines
  • Built in electric Directory

BFT Cellular Call Box with Keypad

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  • Built in lighted keypad with 1000 codes
  • Easy programming by SMS text message
  • 12V DC power supply adapter included
  • 3G network compatible: Standard prepaid SIM, Contract AT&T SIM, Contract T-Mobile SIM

TAC1 Telephone Access Unit

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  • Wired communication and secure access control
  • Built-in transmitter
  • Use a touch-tone phone to speak to visitors and then grant or deny access
  • Call button
  • Entry codes: up to 200 4 digit codes
  • Dual control: can be connected to two devices

Linear Proximity Card Reader

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For use with Linear's access control systems (not stand alone) This close-range (4-6"), reader works with either tags or cards. Extreme weather and vandal resistant. Compatible with all Wiegand formats up to 40 bits. Supports up to 65,000 cards.

EMX Stand Alone

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•Weather resistant contacts •Can be used on solar installations •Access of up to 2000 users by card or 8 user passw Specifications: • NO/NC Relay •5" read range •12 VDC 500-800 mA power requirement •90 mA Standby/110 mA activated power consumption

Liftmaster Elite Proximity Card Reader

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For use with dial code Phone Phone entry Systems Rugged construction for outdoor use. Cards have a 4-6" range. NOT STAND ALONE CAPABLE.

No Tuch Request-To-Exit Sensor

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• No Touch: just wave a hand in front of sensor The ENFORCER “No Touch” Request-To-Exit Sensor uses IR technology to request egress from a protected area or activate a device with the simple wave of a hand. Since it requires no touch, this sensor is ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, labs, cleanrooms, schools, factories, or offices. • Reliable IR technology senses motion. • No touch reduces the risk of cross-contamination. • LED illuminated sensor area for easy identification. • LED changes color to show the relay is triggered. • Quick-connect screwless terminal block.

Illuminated Push-To-Exit

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Stainless-steel, single-gang faceplate •Large (2" square), illuminated, momentary push button. •NO/NC contacts rated 10A@125VAC. •Includes: •"PUSH TO EXIT" and "PRESIONE PARA SALIR" faceplates •Five color-coded, 12-inch, 18 AWG wire leads with easy-to-attach spade lugs •Replacement bulb (12V, 1.2W, 15,000-hour) •Resistor (150Ω, 1 Watt)

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