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Installing a new fence or gate from Fence Geeks is a great way to improve curb appeal and provide security for your place of business or home. We carry and install a variety of fences that you can be confident will look great for many years. The Fence Geeks offer a variety of Wrought Iron, Galvanized, Aluminum, Chain Link, and Wood Fences to choose from, so let us help you pick the perfect design to meet your tastes or needs.


Wood is one of the most commonly used fencing materials, and it can last a long time if treated correctly. Wooden fences are often made from pine, redwood, cedar, or other woods that are resilient when wet. Though it usually has a natural look, wooden fencing can be stained or painted any color.


Aluminum offers an attractive, lightweight alternative to other kinds of metal fencing, including the heavyweight wrought iron. Aluminum also tends to be one of the most affordable types of metal fencing, and it's also durable, which means you'll spend less on upkeep in the long run.


Vinyl fencing is affordable, lightweight, durable and easy to install. It is not a good material for security fencing, however, as it can't withstand attempts to cut through the fence. Some homeowners also consider vinyl fencing to be unattractive. Some of this type of fencing mimics the look of wood, but most vinyl fences resemble plastic.

Wrought Iron

Not only is wrought iron the most secure type of fencing, but it's also considered to be the most traditionally beautiful. This heavy-duty material also makes for a very effective fence that will keep your yard secure from unwanted human, animal, and other guests. Since wrought iron fencing is highly customized for each job, chances are that it will be a perfect fit.

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