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Along with all your fence and access control needs, at Fence Geeks we offer a wide variety of security cameras for that extra layer of protection for your home or business. We strive to provide the best and latest technologies in surveillance to help you stay one step ahead of crime. Whether it be: Crime Prevention, Loss Prevention, Quality Assurance or just for piece of mind. Our innovative surveillance systems give you the ability give of remote viewing 24/7 from anywhere in the world. To help you find you the right camera needed for your home or business, down below Fence Geeks has provided the different types of camera with a brief description of their general use and capabilities.

Dome Cameras

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Dome security cameras are commonly used inside of business and homes as they tend to be more visual appealing and blend well into their surroundings. These cameras generally come with a wide dynamic range which makes them ideal for covering wide open spaces

Bullet Cameras

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Bullet security cameras are generally installed outdoors as they are meant not to be so concealed and be more visual to the public. These cameras are designed withstand the outdoor elements. Coming in a wide range of sizes, their lenses are usually made for longer distances.

Vandal Proof Cameras

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Vandal Proof Cameras are generally meant to be installed in areas where they vulnerable to vandalism and tampering. Once install they are solid and only accesable thru a special tool.

Box Cameras

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Box Cameras are generally install outdoors in big open spaces such as parking lots. These cameras are versatile as they can be used to cover a wide space or used as a long range camera to cover areas in a distance.

PTZ Camera

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PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Cameras are to cover large and far areas with the use of one camera. These cameras are designed to be controlled either by a physical or digital controller that gives you the capability of moving the camera 360 deg. Along with moving the camera it also made to zoom into long distances and catch details normal cameras are not capable of.

License Plate Recognition Camera

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License Plate Recognition Cameras are a speciality camera that is made to capture car license plates whether standing or in motion. These cameras have a specialized lens and software within that give it these capablities.

Fish Eye Cameras

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Fish Eye Camera is a speciality camera that is made to cover a large room. These special cameras are made with a lense that allows you to get a 360 degree view of an entire area.

Hidden Camera

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Hidden Cameras are made to be out of sight from the public eye. These cameras are capable of being enclosed in different covert casings that will help be concealed from sight.

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