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Loop Definitions

Driveway Wand Sensor

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The exit wand is an electro-magnetic sensor that detects metal mass in motion providing a 12 foot radius of detection. Used as exit device.

Exit Loop

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Opens a closing gate and holds open an open gate, if maintained, pauses Timer-to-Close at Open limit.

All loops are cut into the driveway.

Shadow Loop (Swing Gate)

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This input is used for external shadow loop detector when loop is positioned under the swing gate.

  • Holds open gate at open limit.
  • Only active when the gate is at the OPEN limit, disregarded at all other times.
  • Pause Timer-to-Close at OPEN limit.

Interrupt / Saftey Loops

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This input is used for photoelectric sensors and external interrupt loop detector when loop is on the outside of the gate.

  • Holds open gate at open point
  • Stops and reverses a closing gate to open limit
  • Pauses Timer-to-Close at OPEN limit, activates quick close and anti-tailgate gestures when enabled on the expansion board.

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