What you should know before having a fence installed

Buying a fence can be complicated. Face it, your not in the market for a fence very often, but when you do, you want your fence to last a long time and look great for a long time. Many people are unaware of the many variables that go into the fabrication and installation of a fence. The less you know usually means you will pay more for a substandard product that might not exactly even last five years! Protect yourself up front by being aware of what is important, what to demand, and what to avoid at any cost. * Determine the purpose of the fence (curb appeal, privacy, pet containment or pool enclosure, etc.) * Where will the fence be located? (in existing location, new surveyed location, etc.) * Get a Survey, Check Rules & Regulations. * What material did you want to use? * Have an Estimated time for completion.

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