Fence Anatomy 101

What you need to know

The posts are the number one component of any kind of fencing . They function as the fence’s anchor , always keeping it sturdy and also all together throughout hard wind gusts along with additional weather conditions . The fencing support posts are generally placed a number feet away from each other . So that you can insure the fence’s overall strength , they will have to be inserted a certain number of feet into the ground . It can also help to place the posts into a base of some kind . Generally , the setting materials is cement or perhaps soil . This will help to keep them from getting knocked over or perhaps pulled up . Although cement post environment is much more sturdy , additionally it is higher priced and tough to install . The posts need to be attached with one another in some way . This is often achieved utilizing a board as railing . The railing extends along the posts and is often attached with them by nails . Smaller sized fences could utilize epoxy , however this is by no means as prevalent . Numerous elements of fences are generally ornamental elements , for example fence post caps . There are not very many components to fences , but they can be rather difficult to install .

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