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Chain link is often used for:

  Another popular style of fencing is chain link, which is usually made of galvanized steel. Fence Geeks uses only high-quality materials for the components of these fences, to ensure they can stand up to the harsh Houston, TX weather. These fences are a great versatile option for safety, security and more.

Pet and animal containment

  - Chain link is a great option for backyards, to keep your pets from running away, or to keep wild animals out. It can also be used for dog kennels, dog parks and containment areas for other types of small animals.


  - Chain link fences come in a variety of heights, and can have other components such as barbed or razor wire added to prevent access to residential or commercial property.


  - Another common use for these types of fences is to keep children from being injured or wandering off. They are often used at parks and playgrounds to keep children away from dangerous streets; or at sports fields, to separate playing areas so someone doesn’t get hit unexpectedly with an item from another field. Another very important use is around pools, to keep little ones from getting close to the water.

Temporary applications

  - Fence posts can easily be pulled from the ground and the chain link can be rolled up and moved to another location, making it a great option when something temporary is needed. This is often done at job sites and industrial facilities, or while something more permanent is being built. Chain link is a great choice for companies looking to get additional uses out of their fencing.

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